Trinity County Agriculture Alliance (TCAA) is the first trade association of Trinity County’s legal cannabis industry. We represent the united voice of Trinity County’s cannabis farmers and businesses dedicated to operating responsibly in a regulated industry, practicing environmentally-conscious land and watershed stewardship, and upholding a vital local economy that benefits Trinity County.

Our mission is to foster an ethical, sustainable, and prosperous cannabis industry in Trinity County by empowering our members to advocate for our interests, promote our value, and support the communities we call home.


Since 2016, hundreds of cannabis cultivators in Trinity County have come out into the light, and worked tirelessly, grassroots style, to establish responsible local policy. Now, we come as a legal burgeoning industry, united in our voice and vision of a positive future for cannabis in Trinity County, as well as an understanding of the great importance of building bridges with our community. We have an immense opportunity to heal as a community, both from the legacy environmental issues of an unregulated industry, and the outdated stigmas that misrepresent our value.

We strive to uphold the Resolution of the Trinity County Board of Supervisors Adopting The Four Principles for Local Regulation of Cannabis, developed in partnership with the citizens and representatives of our county, including many of our organization’s founding members. We believe it is imperative that Trinity County be a safe place for all residents to live, work, enjoy retirement and raise their families; that the historical quality of life and natural environment in Trinity County be protected and restored; that regulated cannabis cultivation in Trinity County take place without environmental damage and without detriment to neighbors and communities; and that we advance Trinity County’s reputation as a popular tourist destination. We are eager to work with all stakeholders, local and state government and agencies, and members of our community to achieve these important goals and more.

Trinity County has a rich heritage and wealth of natural resources. We celebrate our unique culture of rugged independence and strongly knit communities. In order to ensure an abundant and prosperous future for our watershed and our children we must, as a community, work towards a balanced and symbiotic relationship with our environment and evolve beyond the cycle of boom and bust. We can only truly achieve The Four Principles as a diverse community of citizens who respect each other’s differences, and honor our mutual values centered on protecting this very special place.

We want to thank and honor everyone working toward a positive future for Trinity County. We look forward to working together alongside you for many years to come. If you would like to reach out to us, please do so by visiting us at or contact us directly at or (530) 628-0155.

The Trinity County Agriculture Alliance (TCAA) is a California Mutual Benefit Corporation dedicated to the advancement of an ethical, sustainable and prosperous cannabis industry for professionals operating legally in Trinity County, California.


Become a TCAA Member

We welcome interested professionals and participants in the Trinity County cannabis industry to join our mission. Join us to enjoy a wide and growing array of benefits, along with the chance to help us shape a positive future for our industry and Trinity County. Please email us with questions or to apply by clicking here to fill out a short form.

Member Benefits

  • Network with cannabis professionals, consumers, experts and other stakeholders in the cannabis industry in Trinity County and beyond
  • Discover and connect with potential partners across the supply chain.
  • Promote your business and brand through a variety of channels, including sponsorship, events, and TCAA digital platforms.
  • Participate in events, hosted or attended by TCAA, including trade, community outreach and educational.
  • Amplify your voice through TCAA’s efforts to represent the collective interests of the industry.
  • Deepen your understanding and skills to succeed in the regulated market through education and enablement programs and resources.
  • Receive discounts at local and cannabis-related businesses.
  • Remain up-to-date on issues and alerts relevant to the Trinity County cannabis industry.
  • Participate in the direction and success of TCAA through optional voting privileges and participation in committees.

Membership Tiers


Maximize your participation in the industry

Trinity County businesses, consultants and related professionals and organizations that partner with cannabis businesses in the regulated industry

  • 1 – 2 individuals per Membership
  • 2 votes for Membership-wide motions
  • $750 annual fee


Advance your cannabis business and impact

Trinity County commercial cannabis licensed holder per person, entity or unique tax ID.

  • 1 – 2 individuals per Membership
  • 2 votes for Membership-wide motions
  • $500 annual fee


Stay informed and connected

Individuals interested in supporting TCAA

  • 1 individual per Membership
  • No votes for Membership-wide motions
  • $100 annual fee


Support our mission and your business

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  • Networking opportunities
  • Promotional discounts
  • Education and industry updates

Our Mission

To foster an ethical, sustainable, and prosperous cannabis industry in Trinity County by empowering our members to advocate for our interests, promote our value, and support the communities we call home.

Our Goals

Support cannabis professionals

Enabling and empowering cannabis professionals in Trinity County to achieve success in the regulated California market

Promote Trinity County cannabis

Increasing recognition of Trinity County as a source of the world’s highest quality cannabis products and services

Foster sustainability in the industry

Providing education and resources to drive responsible environmental stewardship and economic resilience in Trinity County’s regulated cannabis industry

Improve the lives of consumers

Driving awareness and appreciation of the lifestyle benefits of regulated and tested cannabis products and services

Serve our community

Supporting the values, interests and well-being of the people, organizations and businesses of Trinity County